Pre-printed vouchers and skins delivered and picked
up daily

• Pre-printed information with show, work date, talent name, role and rates helps ensure accuracy
• Tremendous time saver on the set
• Supports timely, accurate and efficient accounting approval of edits
• Facilitates compliance with ACA NOE requirement on employers

Background Actor Classes

• A comprehensive registration orientation covering topics including professional set behavior and on-set safety
• Ongoing background actor and stand-in enrichment classes with DGA speakers covering expectations on the set in detail
• Helps remove the burden of training on the set and provides more professional background talent

Set Safety

• Provide talent with information regarding on-set injury, illness, and hazardous situation procedures
• We have a comprehensive Safety Plan and an anonymous safety hotline to report unsafe working conditions.

Casting Director Training

• In-house workshops with recognized expert on a variety of casting aspects
• Casting Director roundtable with Assistant Directors to enhance understanding of respective roles and facilitate better casting processes

Select Safeguard Services

• All registered talent are educated on Anti-Piracy, Confidentiality, and Anti-Harassment policies and required to sign and acknowledge their understanding of each policy
• Conducts investigation on talent claims and appropriate action taken

I-9s and E-Verification completed prior to registered talent arriving on set

• Saves production time and money by relieving the burden of completing and verifying I-9s on the set
• Protects clients as co-employers from potential costly fines and penalties
• Ensures all registered talent are authorized to work in the United States
• Verifies talent are using correct Social Security Numbers and are of legal age

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