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These are the movies and TV shows that Rich King casting is currently working on.

We are always looking for a wide variety of talent to file the unique roles we are asked to fill. Rich King Casting has a history of casting for many genre of shows. This means we have experience casting pretty much every kind of talent the industy could need. Check through the shows we are working on to see what talent we are booking right now.


For many years now, Rich King Casting has been providing services for popular films and television shows.

In order to submit yourself or be concidered for a role you must first register with Rich King Casting.

In order to register you will need to stop by our office. We will take down all the necissary information we need and snap a few photos of you for our records. When you come to register please remember:

Union Information
Additional Photos
Photo ID (or other appropriate identification)
Know your current measuremnt and clothing sizes
Dress appropriately
Your Info
Accurate sizes are very important. If wardrobe is being supplied on set they often need exact sizes.
WOMEN: We will need to know your current and true measurements. Waist, hip, bust, dress, pant, and shoe sizes.
MEN: Please know your shirts, pant, and shoe sizes. This includes coat size, collar, sleeve length, waist and inseam. If you know your hat size that would be great as well.

Contact Info
We can’t get ahold of you, we can’t cast you. Please provide us with as many ways to contact you as possible. Home, cell, and work numbers, email, address, emergency contacts, ect. Even your twitter username could be helpful.

You will need to bring a photo ID. If you have union status bring your union card.

One of the most important parts of the casting process is your photo. Please come neatly groomed and dressed accordingly. You can break the neatly groomed “rule” if your look is not neatly groomed. We are casting people as types, so play the part just come dressed the best you dress. Think of your closest as the wordobe you’d have on set. What characters could you play?

We know you have a lot of clothes, so pick someting you really like. Wear something you would wear on a average/daily basis that is more than just a t-shirt and jeans. Remember accesories. The outfit you wear sells your type. If you look good in a baithing suit and would be interested in doing work where a baithing suit may be required, bring it along as well.

We would prefer you to wear something a little nicer (business casual) unless that’s not your looks at all. Staying true to your look helps when attempting to cast you.

Registration Fees
When you register with us you are in our system for good. Or at least until we deem your registration no longer active. (We’ll talk more about that in a bit. The first time you register with us there is a one time fee of $XX.00 to photograph you and put you into our talent management system. This fee must be paid in cash.

Updating your Registration
Please keep your registration updated. If you want your picture changed or photos added to your file, you can do that. We can take a new photo for you for a small processing fee. Current contact information is nessisary for casting. If we can’t get ahold of you, we can’t cast you.


Rich King Casting
1234 N. Movie St.
Hollywood, CA 90210