Strange Angel – Season 2

Working on a period show called Strange Angel filming in Los Angeles – taking place in late 30’s early 40’s. Looking for folks with a timeless look – no visible tattoos, no weaves, fake nails, visible surgeries and so on…
They do not want died hair on women.
Men will have to get period haircuts.
Everyone should be of normal to smaller sizes due to the period clothing.
Some stars in the day were – Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Gretta Garbo, Clark Gable, Will Rogers, Robert Taylor.

The good news is that lot of these folks would be hired to work throughout the season. And starting another 40’s show in the summer.

Production is asking to see “selfies” or very updated photos of you. If interested in working on this please submit to : (don’t forget the word Submit first).
Post – Union or non, email and contact number, current sizes. And if you worked Strange Angel last season.


Pre- 1937 cars

Casting a new project where we are looking for people who own pre 1937 cars.  The project takes place in 1938 in Los Angeles.  If you have one of these cars or even know of someone who may be interested please email contact info and photos of car to:

This would work a few different days.   Could be good.