July 10, 2019 rich king

1930’s Booking Reference: Hair Notes

Guidelines for our background actors on Perry Mason. There will be a hair rep at the costume fittings, all gents should be willing to have their hair cut at this time if we need it and both ladies and gents will be given a handout with instructions to help them arrive as ready as possible on their filming day. Below some examples of our period hair styles so you can see length etc. 

Ladies: – absolutely no modern hair colors! Single process natural tone colors accepted. If she colors her hair, please make sure regrowth is freshly touched up within a day or two of filming. – hair length should be around chin or neck length. Longer than shoulder length hair only if it’s required by the specific character description. Short pixie or any way shaved hair is too short. 

Gents: – willing and able to have their hair cut at the costume fitting. No shaved heads, naturally bold accepted. No modern edgy haircuts. – super tight fades need to be grown out. No lined up hairlines. Natural or relaxed hair texture, no modern styles (dreadlocks, twists, cornrows, hard parts etc) – no modern hair colors, natural tones only if colored, no regrowth/freshly done before work.